Overall Consulting

Specializing in the art of communicating the schedule to people by defining activities, resources, logic, and priorities through information technology and advanced scheduling practices

Robust construction scheduling support isn’t just for large contractors. Your firm deserves the same level of comprehensive planning to keep you on top of your projects. With our tools and expertise, you can have more control from inception to implementation, translating your vision into a concrete plan and making it easier to communicate that vision to the rest of your team. What’s more, by maintaining a clear-eyed view of your project and its timeline, you are more protected from risks, time impacts, and potential claims.

Supported by software like Primavera P6, Asta Power Project, Turbo Chart, and Microsoft Project, we use the latest construction project tools on the market as the starting point for planning your project. More than just analyzing and projecting a timeline, we help you and your team analyze the details that ensure construction runs smoothly. While charting the larger path, we don’t lose track of the importance of monitoring costs, durations, resources, and other key potential impacts. When combined with specific forms of planning, such as pull planning and last planner and location-based scheduling, you receive a multifaceted perspective on how your project will develop. Whether your undertaking is big, small, or somewhere in between, you can have powerful scheduling support behind you every step of the way.

Take advantage not only of our construction scheduling and planning expertise, but also our expertise in continually tracking progress through the air with our construction drone services. In addition to helping your team handle project logistics on the ground, we take to the air to deliver the mapping, imaging, and data you need to make better and more informed decisions. You can monitor progress, conduct aerial inspections, and create stunning 3D images, all via drones. Impress owners, protect workers, investigate issues, and streamline inspections. See and track your project as you’ve never seen it before.