Linear construction projects such as high-speed and light rail, bridges, roads/highways, pipelines, and high-rises are challenging to visualize in a typical CPM/ Gantt Chart schedule. At Overall Consulting, we recommend and use Turbo-Chart (linear scheduling) software to create Time Location charts for our clients to represent these projects on one-page.

At Overall Consulting we are proud to be an authorized Turbo-Chart partner for the United States. Contact us today for any sales, training, or support related questions or for a free 14-day trial. The annual cost of Turbo-Chart is just $549.00 per year and can be purchased through an invoice through Overall Consulting.

Advantages of using Linear Schedule on your project:

  • Easy to find where the activities location, duration, and production rate anywhere on the project
  • At a glance, the foreman can find the quantity of work in an area over time
  • A superintendent can determine the crews’ production rates and the work being performed in less than a minute
  • A scheduler can determine the relationships (by time or by physical location) to other tasks on the project on one sheet of paper

Turbo-Chart installs on any Windows computer and is not a cloud or web browser software. In minutes from your existing project schedule data, you can create a time location or linear schedule in minutes. Turbo-Chart focuses on producing Time Location charts as efficiently as possible by working alongside your existing scheduling tool(s). Turbo-Chart integrates seamlessly with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Asta PowerProject, and Safran, allowing the user to produce professional time-location charts. The best feature about Turbo-Chart is that the software is not filled with complicated features or calculating engines, making Turbo-Chart quick to learn and use. Simply download Turbo-Chart on any Microsoft Windows operating system and start your free trial today.

CPM scheduling requires activities, durations, and relationships to calculate the critical path; however, Linear Scheduling also considers each activity’s location when plotting the activity. Turbo-Chart software allows users to take a 100 page CPM schedule and visualize the project on one page, using existing project data from your CPM software.

Unlike other software such as Tilos, Turbo-Chart is designed to let you continue using your existing scheduling tool like Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, Asta PowerProject, Safran etc. Data exchange between your existing CPM Scheduling Software and Turbo-Chart is quick and straightforward, such as refreshing the chart with one click or can even be achieved using copy and paste.

Simply download Turbo-Chart on any Microsoft Windows operating system and start your free trial today or purchase Turbo-Chart for $549.00 per year through an invoice with Overall Consulting.