In the world of construction, the role of a scheduler is multifaceted and critical to the success of any project. Much like engineers, schedulers play a pivotal role, both in the office and on the project site. Whether you’re in the process of hiring a scheduler or evaluating your current team, here are some key tips to consider.

1. Construction Expertise:

One of the fundamental qualities to seek in a scheduler is their understanding of the construction process. In an industry trend where anyone can be labeled as a scheduler, it’s essential to find individuals with hands-on building experience. Schedulers who’ve worked on construction projects comprehend the intricate steps, logistics, and potential pitfalls involved. This insight is invaluable when crafting schedules and plans that align with real-world construction requirements.

2. Diverse Scheduling Methods:

A proficient scheduler should be well-versed in various scheduling methods, beyond just using software like P6 or Microsoft Project. These tools are only as effective as the person wielding them. A quality scheduler understands the intricacies of different scheduling methodologies and knows how to apply them effectively. In vertical construction or heavy civil projects, employing a mix of 3-4 scheduling methods can significantly benefit the project team, going beyond the capabilities of software alone.

3. Claims Management and Delay Resolution:

Another critical skill that sets top schedulers apart is their ability to safeguard your company from potential claims. Specifications often require a prompt response to delays, making it imperative for your scheduler to excel in this area. They should be adept at identifying various types of delays, addressing them within scheduling software, monitoring field delays, and efficiently drafting delay claims when necessary. A well-prepared scheduler can submit a well-documented claim to the owner within a week, ensuring your company’s interests are protected.

Partnering with AGC for Excellence:

At Overall Consulting, we understand the importance of these qualities in a scheduler. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with industry leaders like AGC (Associated General Contractors) to ensure our schedulers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the construction scheduling field. Our commitment to excellence and our partnership with AGC are just some of the ways we ensure the highest standards in construction management.

In conclusion, the qualities of a proficient scheduler extend far beyond mere computer skills. To drive success in your construction projects, look for schedulers with construction expertise, a diverse knowledge of scheduling methods, and the ability to effectively manage claims and delays. By partnering with experts like Overall Consulting, you can leverage the expertise and resources of organizations like AGC to ensure your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

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