In the realm of construction and project management, few things hold as much sway as time. Delays, whether minor hiccups or major stop-work orders, wield significant power over a project’s timeline and budget. Your Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule acts as the guiding narrative of your project’s journey. But, are you effectively capturing these delays within your schedule? Fret not; Overall Consulting has got your back.

Understanding the Crucial Impact of Delays

Delays within a construction project can emerge from various sources, and it’s absolutely crucial to meticulously account for them within your CPM schedule. Delays come in many forms:

  1. Material Fabrication Delays: When materials are delayed in production or transit, it can disrupt your project’s timeline significantly.
  2. Procurement Delays: Delays in sourcing essential supplies and equipment can send shockwaves through your project’s progress.
  3. Owner-Related Delays: Issues stemming from the owner’s side, such as tardy decisions or approvals, can inevitably lead to project setbacks.
  4. Manpower Shortages: A shortage of skilled labor or unforeseen labor challenges can stall your project’s advancement.
  5. Submittal Review Period Delays: Delays in the review and approval of project documents can impact subsequent phases.
  6. Weather-Related Delays: Unpredictable weather conditions, especially in outdoor construction, can bring work to a standstill.

The Overall Consulting Solution: Tackling CPM Schedule Delays

At Overall Consulting, our specialty lies in ensuring that your CPM schedule meticulously accounts for the profound impact of delays. Whether they originate from material delays, procurement issues, owner-related challenges, labor shortages, submittal review periods, or inclement weather, we have you covered. Our mission is to help you maintain a comprehensive and highly reliable schedule that seamlessly incorporates every hurdle your project may face.

Monthly Schedule Updates and Time Impact Analysis (TIA): Your Tools for Success

Don’t underestimate the significance of monthly schedule updates. They are not just a routine requirement; they are your vital tools for keeping your project firmly on course. At Overall Consulting, we not only streamline your team’s efforts in completing these updates efficiently, but we also offer our extensive expertise in preparing a Time Impact Analysis (TIA).

A TIA stands as a pivotal document when it comes to seeking compensation for time lost due to delays. Our seasoned team collaborates closely with yours to craft a TIA that comprehensively outlines the consequences of delays, ultimately helping you secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.

In Conclusion: Embrace Delays with Confidence

In the realm of construction projects, delays are an inescapable reality. However, their effective management is absolutely critical to your project’s success. With Overall Consulting by your side, you can trust that your CPM schedule not only accurately reflects these delays but also ensures you are justly compensated for any time lost. Don’t allow delays to derail your project’s trajectory. Reach out to Overall Consulting today to leverage our expertise in schedule management and Time Impact Analysis submissions.

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