In today’s increasingly complex project landscape, it is crucial to stay on top of your schedule by tracking contractual milestone dates accurately. Many larger contracts now impose liquidated damages not only for final completion milestones but also for interim contractual milestone dates. Failing to manage them properly can expose your company to substantial fines related to contractual milestone dates. Remember, just because a delay doesn’t impact the longest path in the schedule doesn’t mean it won’t affect contractual milestone dates, potentially resulting in liquidated damages for your project.

Don’t Forget the Time-Impact Analysis for Contractual Milestone Dates

Take a proactive approach by submitting a time-impact analysis for every delay related to contractual milestone dates, even if it doesn’t disrupt the critical path. It’s important to recognize that such delays could impact contractual milestone dates with associated liquidated damages. The key to safeguarding your company lies in having a robust baseline schedule that can easily track delays related to contractual milestone dates.

At Overall Consulting, we specialize in helping you establish a solid baseline schedule for managing contractual milestone dates and provide monthly updates to mitigate the impact of schedule delays related to contractual milestone dates. Our goal is to ensure your company is compensated for every contractual milestone date delay. Contact us today via phone or email to explore how Overall Consulting can help you proactively manage delays related to contractual milestone dates before they jeopardize your project’s success.

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