In the construction industry, a scheduler is crucial in ensuring projects run smoothly and on schedule. Like engineers, schedulers can assume various functions within your office or on the project site. When seeking a scheduler, it’s essential to consider the following critical factors during the interview process or when evaluating your current staff.

Strong Building Experience:

It’s becoming increasingly common to place anyone with basic computer skills or the youngest person in the scheduler role. However, this mindset often leads to subpar scheduling and planning outcomes. A competent scheduler should possess substantial building experience and a deep understanding of construction projects, including their various steps, logistical intricacies, and potential pitfalls.

Proficiency in Diverse Scheduling Methods:

While many claim to use popular scheduling software like P6 or Microsoft Project, it’s essential to assess whether your scheduler comprehends the underlying principles of these tools. A quality scheduler will not solely rely on a single computer program but should also be familiar with other scheduling methods. Whether vertical or heavy civil, a typical construction project benefits from employing multiple scheduling approaches that aid the entire team, going beyond reliance on a single software program.

Expertise in Claims Management and Delay Mitigation:

A competent scheduler must be capable of safeguarding your company from potential claims and quickly drafting delay claims to be submitted to the owner. Promptly responding to potential delays, tracking and addressing them in the scheduling software, and drafting well-crafted claims within strict timelines are crucial skills. Your scheduler should be well-versed in recognizing various delays, managing them effectively, and proactively protecting your team’s interests.

At our consulting firm, we specialize in supplementing your existing workforce. Our primary objective is to evaluate your current projects and schedules, and we would like to provide some recommendations for moving forward. Depending on your team’s specific needs, we offer various services, including creating baseline schedules and conducting monthly updates, reviewing monthly updates for potential pitfalls, and assisting in mitigating claims. As our name implies, we are dedicated to supporting and complementing your team’s efforts. Contact us today via phone or email to initiate collaboration on your project without delay.